Is it strange or normal that I'm attracted to the same type of girl?

I was on the bus back home with a friend and I noticed the profile of a girl sitting a few seats in front.

She looked really cute and was laughing a lot with her friend.

She has the kind of face I love... small eyes, cute nose, small mouth with a really sweet smile...

I wasn't really thinking of approaching her, I just found it nice looking at her and how she was acting.

Do you think we're all programmed to like specific kinds of girls? Of course I'm attracted to a lot of girls, but I mean a kind of girl in particular.


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  • Many people do have a "type" that they're attracted to, and that's fine. If that's what you like, that's what you like. Attraction is important after all.


What Guys Said 1

  • Everyone has certain things they like more than the next person. Biologically the shape of her face could encode some information about her immune system being complimentary with yours (so you'd get strong, healthy babies). There's also a learned component: she could remind you of girls who have been good to you in the past, or a childhood celebrity crush. The way she acts/moves could remind you of yourself, making you feel like you two have a connection, etc...

    • I think that thing about her looking like a celeb is right... she looked like Drew Barrymore *faints* :3