What psychological damage do you think being too cynical causes?


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  • Trust issues, not reaching one's full potential, not having enough fun or stress relief, a blunted personality.


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  • My god, I have never seen a question more fitting for me. Well, here goes, from my experience:

    1) Cynism causes you to become very aggressive and impulsive because every time you encounter a problem you'll imagine it is impossible to solve it
    2) It makes you fuck relationships over stupid problems because you imagine they are done for and stupid
    3) It makes you disregard fairly nice people on account of you believing they are just pretending to be nice or you think that they are not worth your time because they are different in a particular sense
    4) It can kill your sex drive if you start thinking about stupid shit (like what she really wants, and whether she's cheating on you, etc)
    5) It just overall makes you a shitty person to be around, very predictable, it makes it hard for people to want to share important things with you because you will shit on everything, etc. Just try to not be like that.

    And yes, I am kinda trying to treat some psychological issues I have right now. I have a ton of some fucking issues, and one of them is being extremely cynical.


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  • Distrust of everybody
    Clinginess for some people
    Withdrawal from society/social isolation
    Jaded attitude that affects personal relationships

  • Leads to overthinking things
    Lowers motivation
    Hurts love life
    Lowers happiness

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