What did my counsellor mean by 'the one thing you have going on for you?

I felt a little confused. She was saying something positive, that I learned well from other people's mistakes, but I was wondering why she said the ONE thing you have going on for you.

Like I'm a bit of a loser otherwise?

lol I hope she didn't mean it that way as she seems like a nice lady and I respect her.


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  • That's not meant to be taken literally. When someone says that, it basically just means they are pointing out a positive side. It was meant to give you encouragement. So don't read too much into it.


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  • She probably didn't mean anything by it, and it was just a turn of phrase.

    Unless you really do have only one thing going for you and her pointing that out was a slip of tongue. Which is something probably blatantly untrue that I could see myself pointlessly over-analyzing too lol.

    Basically, don't worry about it!

  • What exactly did she say?

    • She said something along the lines of, "the one thing you have going on for you is that you're a really good learner when it comes to other people. You learn from other people's mistakes, which is why it would be nice for you to meet more people.'

      I felt just a little sensitive to the ONE thing part because she and I know I am not doing too well in other things like school, etc. (even though I was before).

    • She meant "at that point" because you have the ability to learn from mistakes (which not all people do) that will really help you to reflect and progress in your life. Try not to be overly sensitive to things like that. She wouldn't have meant it as an insult.

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