Girls, calling a guys 'beautiful' is it unusual and feminine, or its a compliment?

Except by guys, I have never been called 'handsome' or 'hot'. Every time its like girls will say 'you are very beautiful'. Sometimes its even like a girls is dancing with her boyfriend and suddenly comes to me and say that term. I think this term is used to compliment any girl.

any girls?
any girls for opinions?


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  • It's a compliment for sure. Whenever I think of a beautiful guy I think of guy with more feminine features like big eyes, big lips. Basically a beautiful guy, to me, is someone equivalent to a model with very pleasing features.


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  • Beautiful is a compliment I knew this really cool guy I could tell, let you the whole conversation how it went but I'm going to make it short he said he was beautiful a man can be called beautiful and it's one of the best compliments to be called for any one I'm straight but Patrick Swayze was beautiful man


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  • It's a compliment whether you're male or female or somewhere in between or neither.

    • it's a compliment in a sense that all those girls really liked me, at least our conversation went that way. But I'm wondering whether does it mean I'm kind of feminine. They could also use handsome.

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    • Ya true, but Im wondering about the coincidence that everyone called me beautiful. Not the term 'handsome' those thing.

    • Dude. Stop obsessing. It's unbecoming.

  • Yes, traditionally I would say "handsome" is the male equivalent of "beautiful," but at the same time, I think guys can be beautiful too. I have a guy in mind that I would consider to be beautiful. If I were you, I would take it as a compliment.

    • What makes him 'beautiful' rather than 'handsome'?

    • He's both "beautiful" and "handsome" in my opinion, based on both his looks and personality.

    • Level 1 = ok
      Level 2 = average
      Level 3 = cute
      Level 4 = handsome, hot
      Level 5 = beautiful, gorgeous
      Level 6+ = paranormal, mythical being from another world

      A lot of guys can be handsome, but some men have such pleasing features they are considered beautiful or gorgeous. Like beauty on the competitive scale of a woman. Danila Kovalev is a prime example. La la la. Thank you for existing! Yes, a man usually has more striking, feminine, graceful features when he's called beautiful, like long lashes, exotic eye color, or smooth lips etc.

      Seriously, it's a very high compliment!

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  • It is an insult, like calling a woman handsome is an insult, because it implies that she is too masculine to look beautiful. They are basically saying you look like a woman. They like to use the word beautiful because they enjoy taking a jab at a man's self image as a man, damaging his self confidence.

    • I agree with the line "They are basically saying you look like a woman". But next like after that, totally disagreed. Most times after that they start dancing and asking me lots of personal questions. So I dont think they are mocking me.

    • Maybe if they are into girly guys, which a lot of them are, but it is still insulting to say a man looks like a woman and they know it. If you liked masculine women, it would still be insulting to call a woman handsome.

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