I think my ex girlfriend is stalking me?

We broke up around a year ago and I got together with one of her friends. The break up was pretty cold from her part since she dumped me infront of my friends and after like an hour I saw her locking lips with another guy, my friends also saw this and teased me about it, but they stopped and comforted me after they saw how sad and angry I was. This really destroyed my ego. Last month my ex suddenly texted me saying how she misses me and stuff. My first reaction was pretty much "yeah yeah pls f*** off". But I didn't want to be rude so I texted with her. I told my girlfriend (her friend) about it and my girlfriend told me she doesn't want me to talk to her. I told her not to worry because I love her (I really do). Later that day she texted me when I was with my girlfriend. I was pissed and pretty much texted her and told her to f*** off. Going forward a few weeks. She is still trying to contact me so I block her. After a few days everytime I am with my girlfriend or alone she always seems to be where I am. First time I was at my girlfriends house. She rang the bell and asked if she could come in. My girlfriend said no so my ex left. Later on that day we were at the store and she is also there. I thought it was coincidence so I brushed it off. She came over with a smile and started small talk. I told my girlfriend to leave the store with me because I didn't want to talk to her so we left. Next I realize she joined at the gym I workout at and she worksout pretty much the same time I do and is always trying to talk to me. I told her to f*** off again. This month she's been trying to get in contact with me and keeps appearing at places I am. I don't want to see her since I hate her. I've told her to f*** off and leave me alone. But she doesn't get it.


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  • Scary!
    But if you want her to stop following you follow these steps

    1. Delete your instagram or facebook
    2. Start a new instagram where you only ADD people you know and don't accept requests from people you do;t know or people who are friends with her.
    3. Facebook is very tricky to have any privacy even with private settings so I suggest no facebook
    4. Any other social media thing you use that you think she doesn't know about (she probably does) so delete it

    5. Send her a nasty voicemail of you and your girlfriend fucking

    As a stalker and psycho bitch, I can assure you, that it would destroy her ego to hear the both of you fucking in her voicemail or butt dial during sex.

    Also change your workout schedule or move to a different location

    A stalker goes insane when they can't monitor your social media activity. The best way to get rid of her is by doing this

    • I don't use that much social media except for facebook. She knows usually where I am because we live in a small area where everyone like knows everybody so she can always ask where I am.

    • Then I really can't help you. She is a serious stalker. I thought she knew about your workout routine because you post about it online. But I guess she stalks you in person. She knows where both of you live. She waits outside your houses probably.

      If you don't wanna be mean like I suggested then send her an informative youtube video
      "Girl, Get a Hobby" on youtube. It should be the first video

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  • Since you are anonymous, I have no idea what part of the world belongs to you. I am in Florida, USA and we have laws that provide for you to get an injunction that would prohibit her from stalking. If she does it after the injunction is issued, she can be arrested and put jail.

    I don't know if that is available where you live but you should inquire about that.

    • Is that allowed for people under 18?

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    • Apparently, Finland has some strong laws to protect people from stalking. I found a website that has some useful information for you:


    • Thanks a lot!

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  • Oh my gosh what a psycho. Get a restraining order on her and if you guys can move away?


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  • Get some dudes to threaten her or something if she doesn't back off..
    If it's getting too much, get a restraining order.

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