If you took on additional responsibilities in your job and effectively do 2 roles as a result, is it ok to put both job titles on your cv?

If the 2 jobs are of equivalent pay grade?

  • Yes it's fine as long as you put down both job titles
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  • No it's dishonest, you should only put down your official job title
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  • I would put my official title, but in the description mention the other role and responsibilities that I took on.

  • At my last job I was both a respite care provider and did internal auditing. I did both part time (10-15 hours for one 10-15 hours for the other, no over lapping time) so both went on my resume.

    • But did you still only have 1 official job title though?

    • No because when I turned in my billable hours to the company one was billed through my clients' insurance and the other was billed to the company itself.

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