Why do I only feel happy when positive things I can't really control happen?

Like today I felt really down all day, I just felt like crying all day even though I was out with a friend but when I got home I got a call from someone at a job I applied for for an interview and, even though I probably didn't get the job because she said she'd call me back, I started to feel A LOT better afterwards.

Anyone? Maybe someone who knows something about psychology?


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  • Because you're too reliant on external sources of joy. You've gotta figure out how to create your own meaning and happiness, you can't just rely on the world to hand it to you.

    • Thanks :), do you have any tips on how to start figuring out what makes me happy? Like meditate, taking risks, etc?

    • Set goals. Work toward them. Acknowledge your achievements/milestones.

    • Thanks 😊

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  • You need to meditate on how you can be a more living happy positive person and what things you are thankful for and what great qualities in people do you admire and then when nothing good happens you can still be happy and hopeful and strong

    • That actually makes sense, thank you 😊

    • Thank you, yours and @Sara413's opinions really helped 😊

  • meh! I am mostly indifferent and untrust worthy when something good happens! That I start to doubt and refuse it.

  • NEW THINGS: It's exhiliarating. Unexpected and the unknown is a thrill.
    It's normal. You may be alittle more emotional than most but your hormones will settle...

    • I'm usually not emotional but maybe

  • It's nice to see that good things can happen without your influencing them.

    • Yeah, thanks for answering