Is the American High School Hierarchy even a thing? Or is everything I know lies?

I know this might sound like a silly question, but its something thats been bugging me. I know that movies and books use that idea quite a lot, and life isn't like that where I'm from. But I've seen a few life stories that include, you know, the mean girl at my high school, or the jock dude at my highschool, and I've been wondering; is it legit?


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  • At my high school (this COULD be an exception but I doubt it), the jocks and popular kids and smart kids were all the same people.

    The vast majority of students were pretty dedicated athletes.
    Many of the well-known/popular kids were also smart and ^.
    Many of the ^ kids were also nice.
    Some of the ^ kids were also funny.

    They fucking had it all. There were very few mean jocks, and the "nerds" were the kids who sat together in the cafeteria and played Magic the Gathering whenever they had the chance. They weren't smart. The popular jocks were smart.

  • It is real.

  • It's all in the heads of the people who believe in it.


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