What's happening between us and what should I do?

Hi and thank you so much for reading—I would like as many opinions as possible.

So I'm 16, he's 20 and we're just friends. And I seriously can't decide if he likes me as a friend or more—we share lots of jokes between us, we tease eachother, but at the same time he has been there to help me through anything and has given me lots of hugs. So I'm in high school and he's in college so he's naturally making lots of new friends—but the other day, he went out and told me he was allowed one guest—out of all the friends he has he picked me to spend the evening out with him. I know he definitely likes me as a friend for sure so that's always good—the trouble is our age gap and maybe that's holding him back. As far as I'm concerned, if we dated we wouldn't even be interested in sexual activity which would make the relationship perfectly legal—I think we're both just nervous that so many people would freak out if they found out we were together. So I think that if he really likes me he's afraid of the controversy and I can't blame him. However people need to know that when we hang out it's like age isn't even a thing, he is so nice and incredibly protective and would never dream of hurting me.

Here's some of his actions—first of all he gets me the most personal gifts ever, usually the sweetest homemade things but he emphasizes how he likes being "my friend", not anything more. He also loves going places with me, just the two of us, we fantasize about living together far away where we can pursue our dreams—he seems sort of serious about it! But hey who knows... he once took me and only me to a concert and today we can't stop talking about how that was the best night of our lives!

I guess I'm asking does he like me, any ways I can test him and see how he reacts, and finally, what do you think of the age gap... is it right and how do you feel?


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  • That's not a big age gap I think. No need to worry about. How to tell if he likes you as more than a friend? Maybe try getting more personal with him in some way to show him that you are interested (if you are)?


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  • He's 20 that's what happened hun... u shouldn't be trying to get with him

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