My dog just jumped my other dog angrily?

My boyfriend's husky just came in today to stay with me for a week and I have a german shepherd
At first the two dogs just got along just well and started runnung and chasing after each other and biting each other's ears
when my dad came in playing with my 4 month german , the 3 month husky started jumping around asking for attention which led to my german almost biting him
What to do so they could get along?

Please help
Can they get along ever? or can they hurt each other seriously?


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  • Dogs need to sort out dominance. They need to do this amongst themselves. Unless they are literally killing each other, not interfering at all is the best thing you can do. They only need to do this once. Then they know which one of them is boss, and both of them will be happy.

  • that is normal, they have to establish dominance


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