Ever have a psychic reading…?

have u ever had a psychic reading , and if so, did it come true?

first time i went to a see a psychic was in September 2014. what she told me came true…not use one or two things…but several. the last time i went to see her again was in April 2015. she told me a woman would contact me. at first she said ''2-3 weeks''. to this day-hasnt happened. two other psychics also said she would contact me. at the end of the 3 sessions they all said the same thing to when i asked them,''when and how?''…they all said,''i don't know when, i don't know how''. the 3 of them said the same thing. and they were all seen at different times, so its not like they were all in the same room.

i have a hard time believing them, because its been a yr since i had those readings and apparently the woman is getting married this fall. but all 3 of them read me like a book. i mean they described me and my personality, and knew things i don't really tell anyone. the one that proved herself to me at first told me i would have specific dreams…i did. she knew about an intimate dream i had with the woman.

anyway, have u ever had a reading? what was ur experience? please share. and what do u think of my readings?


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  • I almost had a psychic reading. I was able teach her all the vowels and several consonants, but verbalizing words was somehow beyond her.

  • Nope,
    I have had premotions before and I get them on occasion, its all minor boring shit that I had NO way of knowing.
    However I know people who have who had readings that were ungodly accurate and with things the reader COULD NOT have known and it goes far beyond cold reading,
    So while 99.99 percent of them are frauds, I think that on occasion one person might be able too

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