If you live in UK can you tell me what hotels are near London Victoria coach station?

I know Victoria well but I can not seem to find the hotels that are within walking distance from the station. Does anyone know which ones are close by. I am booking a trip away for me and my partner , he always spoils me so it's my turn to make him feel special.

Can you possibly send links to the sites if you know any. I'm confused about the miles thing and do not wish to have to take a tube or bus to get there. It's so expensive as it is.

Thanks !


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  • Anything in the area is going to be hugely expensive, ur going to get a travelcard for moving around anyway? So its better to head out a tiny bit, you'll save far more than the price of a ticket.

    This one is close to kings cross and where i dorect friends usually. You can actually make the walk down to west end from there easily.

    • Thanks very much opted for Manchester instead. London is far too expensive an insane for bank holiday weekend. Got lovely hotel for Β£86πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜€

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    • Mancs is a lot cheaper indeed (You can even catch a train out to the lake district for a day, if that's your thing?).

      You're welcome. It's just a place to lay your head really so yeah, holiday/premier inn will do fine.

    • Yeah very true πŸ˜€ Thanks

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