Does he love me or is he just sparing my feelings?

So im friends with my ex. We've been close friends for about 4 months now after breaking up and we didn't date for that long and he broke up with me. A few days ago we were talking about this problem i had with another guy and he gave me comfort and advice telling me how he's here for me no matter what and how he cares about me. So i accidentally say thats why i love him quickly switching it to "like" and adding an "as a friend" . He asks me do i mean "if i love him love him or a do anything for you friend love?" I told him i didn't know. He told me to think about it. The next day the conversation was brought up and he says how he knows i love him. Me being embarrassed i say how i hate that i love him and how i have to go. He says he loves me too but thinks we're better as friends. Which i agree. I think that "i love you" was a bit forced and he tells me that he's telling the truth and that he does in fact love me and to trust him. But over the past few days he didn't seem like he wanted to talk to me. He either ignored me or said he had to go. I don't know what to think.


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  • He is just sparing your feelings move on

    • Thats what im doing. But i can't just tell myself to not love someone

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  • WHOA love is a strong word! Please move on! When he ready to talk he will. Also when he said I know you love me you should have deined it that was a test! And you failed! Also I think its too soon! You just meet the other guy! lol Using him like an emotional bag?:

    • I've know him for about 7 months and the other guy for 4 months. I love the guy that is my ex (7 months) he said he loved me too. I just don't know if he's telling me the truth. And i don't think i use him as an emotional bag.

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    • I think he could possibly be telling the truth bc he's never lied to me before. And we're not that young

    • Yup its possible!

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