How would a person look as opposite sex? (Body type etc)?

Like would a masculine man be a masculine woman and a feminine man a feminine woman or otherwise? For example: a manly man would have more testosterone, if he were a woman would he/she have higher testosterone too and be less feminine with no curves etc, or would he/she have high estrogen instead as he was high in testosterone as a man and be the epitome of femininity with curves, and other secondary sex characteristics? If a more feminine man turned to a woman would he/she be a more masculine woman or a feminine one? And same with women if they were male? (I don't mean curves equal feminity tho- this is for example!) What do you think? This is just for fun and doesn't apply to transgender people and is not meant to bash any body type. Just think if a person were to drink a magic potion and turn to opposite sex :)


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