Solutions to a very messy room?

So I'm almost a 15 year old girl and I'm moving out at 18.

Before my bedroom was mine, it was a storage room. Because of that, my parents/brothers didn't care about what shape it got into
(idk, their logic.)

However, my bedroom has so many problems.

1. It smells horrible, like that wet basement smell.
2. The carpet is absolutely destroyed (food & drink stains).
3. The walls are all chipped and moldy looking.
4. Bugs live in here like it's their natural habitat.
5. There used to be mini-sized worms everywhere, but I think I finally took care of that problem.

I only use one side of the room as the other is completely unusable (water leaks through the ceiling and walls every time it rains).
Also, I had to wipe FOOD out of places from people eating in here. eww!

Here's my solutions:

I put a medium sized rug down on the side of the room I use.
My twin bed is up against the wall
- (I'm thinking of getting nicer bedding since it's where I'm sort of forced to spend all of my time).
I put my TV & Playstation 3 next to my bed so they don't get wet and moldy.
My laptop is always on my bed and I have a shelf next to my bed as well for stuff like clothes etc.

I was thinking about draping off where my bed is so I don't have to see the rest of the room also.

Any ideas to fix some of these problems would be greatly appreciated. thanks! (:


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  • - First the leak needs to be tracked down and fixed
    - The carpet should be torn out
    - Problem drywall and insulation should be ripped out.
    - Then you need to scrub the entire place down with warm water and soap made for killing mold.
    - Then you need to re-insulate/drywall and replace the carpet

    The cost could run you anywhere from $300 upwards of thousands of dollars depending on whats the cause of the leak, what things you could do yourself, and how bad the actually problem is...

    However, for a 15year living in their parents home... you likely cannot do any of these things. The best you could do is get a dehumidifier and decorate.

    But I'd DEFINITELY be driving your parents nuts in the mean time... if you have water issues, that's something that should be fixed sooner rather then later. It'll wreak havoc on a house over time and what starts at a quick&cheap fix eventually turns into huge money pit.

    • p. s. this an attic or a basement? Where's your room in the house?

    • The scrubbing I could do myself.

      I'm not allowed to work and I'm not given an allowance so the rest won't happen sadly.

      Thank you for all of your advice (:

    • It's technically a storage room (very small) but I was put into it for a bedroom.

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  • I'm a little concerned about your living condition.. Does everyone else have a super nice and clean room? It sounds like you just got shoved in the attic.. And it's not good for you to breathe in air where there are mold particles.

    Charcoal works well for getting rid of the smell, but you should change in at least once a month. But more importantly you need to find the source of it and see if you can get rid of it, or it'll keep coming back. You can pull out the carpet or lay a plastic covering over it and put down your own rugs and stuff. Bleach or acid for the wall (wear gloves) and then repaint. Bug lamps and poison though the bleach/acid should help a little with deterring them..

    • "It sounds like you just got shoved in the attic." Pretty much.

      Thank you for the help! I appreciate it. :)

  • Coal for the smell (it will absorb the humidity)
    I would yank the carpet right out and paint whatever floor is underneath
    For the walls I think using acid is a solution and then scraping (get help)
    I would definitely put a curtain up
    Good luck!