How can I make myself look older?

I'm 18 years old but I'm very small and my face is quite round. People often say I look 12 when I'm now a woman. I am quite shy for my age which might make me look younger. I don't know. I'm trying to go to college on the train and people come up and ask me where my mum is and I shouldn't be travelling alone. When I tell people I'm 18, they don't believe me. They just look at me as if I'm lying. People are even treating me like a kid and they still call me a little girl. It's odd because I have a womanly figure but they still think I'm 12 which is ridiculous. I wear make up and I straighten my hair. I even contour my cheekbones but it still doesn't work. Any make up tips or hair tips or anything because this is driving me mad. I don't wear heals to college because I travel 20 mins on the train and I like to get there on time. I wear normal everyday trainers. Maybe wearing trainers is the thing that makes me look like a kid.


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  • Tan, have a sophisticated/elegant style (shopping at Ann Taylor vs. Urban Outfitters for example), how you talk and carry yourself (being secure and confident)

    • that will just make her look like a fuckin hipster. no hate. you know my mom would of wrung her neck for complaining about looking young xD my mom took pride in looking 5 years younger than she was when she was alive xD

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    • yes i actually have. i saw girls who were 16 buying shit there. and then i saw a group of hipsters buying shit there. "how do you know they were hipsters?" because the 2 guys with the girls were wearing vests skinny jenes and fedoras and fake glasses.

    • @ZenithDawn that isn't hipster man

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  • wear dark brown lipstick!


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  • You basically just have to accept it.