Is my boss manipulating me?

My boss and I are both female and close in age. Ever since she hired me, she has made me really uncomfortable by calling me things like "beautiful" and getting too close to me in general. I've kind of felt like prey to her.

Today, she called a meeting with me and said that "People in the office think you're bossy". I was blown away by this, because I am very kind and tactful, and no one had ever accused me of being bossy. I told her that I appreciated the opinion, but that I really didn't consider myself to be that way and it would be helpful if she gave me an example so I could know what was being perceived as "bossy".

The thing is, she COULDN'T give me an example, and she got extremely angry that I wouldn't just "take the criticism" and basically stormed out of the room.

I feel really uncomfortable with the whole interaction and I feel like she made up this "bossy" accusation in order to make me feel insecure, maybe so she can have better control over me? I don't know. She creeps me out.


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  • The beautiful thing isn't very bad but I agree with the other things and is she the boss of the whole company?

    • No. She's a director, so a few levels down from the VP.

    • You should tell someone who is in a higher position about this

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  • Can you go to someone higher up then her?

    • Do you mean tell someone higher up what she said? Or how she's been acting with me?

      I'm afraid that if I do that, it will cost me my job. She seems to view me as a possession. I have no doubt she would fire me in a heartbeat.

    • Just find another job then

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  • It sounds like she has a bit of a girl crush on you if you're not comfortable say something to her or reporter for sexual harassment.


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  • Oh come on! Grow a V! Just find another job and quit.