Is it a bad thing to care to much about your girlfriends feelings?


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  • It depends: does caring too much about her feelings make you neglect your own to the point where you're a chronic "yes man" and you have no thoughts or opinions on your own? In such a case, yes.

    But if you're just mindful of her feelings and don't go out of your way to be dick, then there's little to no issue.


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  • Normally I would say it isn't. And tbh I reckon it's right to be a good person. Be kind and treat her right. Show her you care. And if she is also a good person she will love you for it.

    Only thing is for some reason sometimes, this is the case:

    Where a woman for some reason acts closed and serious with someone who cares, and is more flirty and sexual around someone who doesn't.

    But if you meet as friends, be nice and it should pay off.


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  • No It's a amazing thing. Too many guys out there don't care about their girlfriends feelings, you are one in a million 💜

  • Generally speaking it's not seen bad at all, it's rather great for the most part. You just got to make sure she doesn't walk all over you like a door mat

  • No, it isn't. Why would that even be a bad thing at all?

    • Oh cuz my freinds were making fun of me cuz I care to much😅

    • Ah... Maybe they were just teasing you and just being playful with you.

    • I agree, don't apologize for being nice. I think it's good to be good.

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