So I had a strange experience?

So im 18 im im 12th grade one of my good friends is gay now iv known him [ lets call him ted ] iv known ted for a while now about 4 years and earlier about at 1 am i was at a part ted was there an a few other dudes and a bunch of sexy girls. i was making my usual magic work getting a girls number same o same o. When the party ended Ted walked up to me when no one was there and said he loved me since he met me and gave me a kiss and he was pretty drunk i was not so much drunk maybe a little tipsy so i was the one who drove him home and now im stuck here at my other friends house thinking one of my best friends said he loved me and frenched me... what should i do? do i confront him about it? or do i just let him think it was just a drunk nightmare?

  • Confront him.
  • let him think it was a dream.
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  • Just leave it, you don't want to embarrass him and it'll make things really awkward

  • Just let it go. He probably won't even remember it so no need bringing it up.


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