Anyone play league and have games like this?

anyone play league and have games like this?

i just played a game as lucian and my support spent more time mid and river than bot lane and bitched at me for losing lane to a draven and thresh. i got reported 3 times :l

fuck it went twice <.< why?


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  • lel that picture made me laugh so hard. XD

    Sadly thanks to my internet and my boyfriend living in Europe. I ended up stop playing LoL when my internet became so bad, I had issues loading youtube videos. Though it's better now I just haven't though about downloading the game. Plus when I do download the game I spend most of the time having my boyfriend help me to refresh my memory.

    Oh league, how the community loves to stay horrible. :D

  • I don't, but my 5-year-old daughter does.

    She jungles with Annie. She has been trying to jungle with every champion. She also likes to play support.

    My SO plays ADC.

    I only played the tutorials.