What do you think this dream mean?

So im trying to move on from this girl, and last night i dreamed about her friend coming to me and asking me why i left my crush. We were near the ocean. I kept looking away at two girls with two guys i asked her friend is my crush one of them she said no. Then i was at a place and her friend kept looking at me with sad wondering eyes like why i did that to my crush, what does it mean?

In real life she is my crush's best friend and she always look at me when im okay with my crush or when i talk or even when me and my crush ignore each other.

What does the dream mean?


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  • that that girl is heavily on your mind and maybe you feel guilty about leaving her or missing her

    • I don't feel guilty because i know we can't be togther. I miss her though but im trying to move on.

    • that's why. your missing her and your mind is playing off of that which is why you had a dream about her even if it makes no sense. usually dreams dont

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  • we don't care about your dreams

    • And i dont care what an idiot like u think :)

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