Is my ex looking to see if im sleeping with anyone or to see if I will sleep with him or want me back Help?

We broke uo a month ago. Since then he has been texting me every week to see how I am doing etc. Its been very hard on me because he was the one to break up wityh me. He was going through a lot of stress about no job and hid away from me and our friends for a month. He then proceeded to tell me he wasn't feeling the way he thought he should and felt like we were not connecting. Which i believe to be his fault. He continued to text me every week and even sometimes more than once a week to just randomly talk. We had sex the 2nd week we broke up and I shouldn't have. Well its been a month today and he texted me and joking around about all his hoes and how I probably have gotten so much. I played alogn and said yea. he said he has no chance in that department etc. Is he trying to get info out of me to see if I am having sex with anyone or is he trying to have sex with me? because I want to but I dont. I will tell hims traight up i miss us and if u want sex u get us etc. I don't know Just confused.


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  • I think he's trying to get that info from you because essentially he's just nosey and wants to know if you're sleeping with someone, he may not want to get back together with you but a sense of him doesn't want anyone else too either. He's a tad jealous, sounds like he would hook up with you again if that meant he didn't have to be in a relationship, which probably means you shouldn't fall for it.

    • Exactly ! I am so torn because he is not that type of guy to just use for anything, but people change if he is. It was a joking matter him saying how he's gunna call all these people later and that I probably have gotten it a lot since. I went on with the joke and played along and said yeah so many. He told me lucky and some of the responses seemed weird like nice job getting it. He said he has no hope for himself which all my friends said. they are friends with him and think he made a mistake breaking up with me but I don't know if he would ever come back. I do want him back but I don't know if tonights a good night to talk about it. I said you are aware i am joking about it. He said " I guess so althought what you do is none of my business lol" so not sure waht that means either. I hope there is another chance