Was he trying to brag about his achievements or something?

This guy randomly came up to I and my friend's table on the first day of business school and kept talking about himself. About travelling in this other country (like it's a big deal), how he went to private school his whole life and it was just something he did, his roommates were all private school people too, stuff like that.

At that point in time I was distracted at how much attention he was showing another not very pretty girl, always flashing his dimples etc. Not that I have something against her I just thought a guy like that would be a jerk who only liked pretty girls. We were all sitting at the same table, him across from me and him seated beside her.

Now I think he just doesn't seem to have a lot of experience with girls and hence doesn't know what to say around them.


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  • He was trying to introduce himself and entice. Men talk about themselves when gossiping and so it may seem very strange to you. It isn't so much naivete as just how differently we communicate between the sexes.

    • Is that really the right context to entice in, the first day of business school :S lol

      Hmm was he attracted to me or the other girl? He seemed to be smiling a lot at her and not really saying much to me. He almost seemed to have some kind of grudge against me or something I think he realized I expected him to show more interest in the prettier girl.

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    • From what I've seen of him he is not a courageous person at all lol. He cares a little too much about what others think of him. We were a safe bet for him to have a conversation with, rather than stand by himself while no one really talked to him.

      This is why I find business school guys to be so lame. It's like they're not even real guys. They care so much about appearances and I like people who are fearless

    • Well, at least you won't be distracted by the men there while you study.

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  • I think he might be just trying to flirt and impress

    • With me or the other girl? The other girl didn't seem like the flirty type but she was friendly

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    • I know it sounds like a mean thing to say, but it's hard for me to believe that, because she wasn't an attractive girl. And I don't think he was flirting, he was just being very friendly with her.

      Well that's a lesson learned, some guys just dig girls that are different.

    • I have had guys tell me before that they will flirt with an unattractive girl if she has a sweet personality and ignore a beautiful girl if she is unfriendly