Are you self-conscious?

I have always personally felt like I am VERY self conscious.
It is quite annoying now, actually. It consumes my life.
I always feel the need to check my face. This stems back to my teenage years when I had horrible acne and it began my self-consciousness.

I am always worried what people think of me. I am getting better at this, but I still sometimes go through it.

I wish I was like one of those women who know they look good and flaunt it haha.
I am confident, dont get me wrong. But I do not see myself the same way others see me.

I think it's a psychological thing actually. We are so good at seeing our flaws that it consumes us. And others just don't see them; they see all the good. Can someone confirm this theory?
Are you the same way? Or do you not care as much?


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  • Very much so. I think it's the reason I've never been able to get the courage to ask a girl out.


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  • Yes, I am self-conscious and much more than I should be.


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  • I am self-conscious. I like it though.


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