When Trump becomes president will liberals really move to Canada?

I really hope they leave.

  • Yes they will leave.
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  • Their heads will explode.
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  • They might not be able to. Getting a visa is very very difficult.


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  • The ones who leave (and in reality there won't be that many) will be doing the country a favor. And isn't it very, very interesting that these people never talk about moving to our southern neighbor Mexico?


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  • Donald Trump Jr has offered to pay the airfare for some of the Hollywood celebs who have made that proclamation... I'd love to see all of the people who have made this claim follow through with their promise, but 99% of them won't.

  • These rather unintelligent questions, is why the US should provide free education and mental healthcare...

    • As your incredibly poor grammar indicates, you should be first in line for that free education, buddy.

    • @HikerDude If you only were so nice to point out what mistakes this non-native speaker, who doesn't even live in the US, made.

  • No, but they'll all be smoking dope like Chong and giving each other reach-arounds to sooth the pain.

  • They didn't move for the eight freaking years they threatened to with GWB, so I don't see this being any different.

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