Can any engineering brahs help me out with some thermodynamics?

Been stuck almost all day.. last final is on Monday.. So rdy to be done.

Was requested to sketch the process on a p-v diagram. Is this what the lines would look like at constant temperature and are my isotherms correct? Can any engineering brahs help me out with some thermodynamics?


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  • Disclaimer: I have no idea what any of this stuff is, and I've never seen it in mah life until about... 6 minutes ago.
    That said, I like puzzles, and I like figuring mystery shit out on the spot when I see it. Lol.


    What you've drawn looks like slide #9 here:

    Based on that, it looks like:
    • Those curves are supposed to be isotherms (constant temperature curves)
    • The UPPER curve is supposed to be the one for the given temperature of 350ºC
    • You were given a pressure of 800 kpa
    • You looked up 350ºC in some table, and found a saturation pressure that's greater than 800kpa. So that's how you know that yr horizontal line intersects that isotherm outside and to the right (= the third case listed on slide #9 of that powerpoint).

    Is that... right so far? lol


    Why did you make another isotherm going through 800kpa? Did you start out with saturated (inside the curve) at 800 kpa -- and so you had to look up the current temperature 170ºC bla bla bla -- and now you're heating it up to 350ºC at constant pressure?

    Also, where's the starting information about... uh how much stuff you have? Lol
    the problem seems to be "calculate the volume at the end", but I don't see anywhere where you've written down that you started with X amount of stuff.

    In fact, you didn't even post the problem LOL

    Again, I don't even know any of this stuff, but, puzzles are fun ahahahh (I also try to read stuff in languages I don't know a lot, too)

    • ahaha I ended up figuring it out and the link that you had posted did explain it. I was just asking about the diagram I was certain that everything else was right. Thanks

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    • "I don't know any of this stuff, but here's the answer to your thermodynamics engineering puzzle"...

      and you say you're not super smart...

    • @Tarvold lol I can google and read graph legends... baha

  • what am i looking at? lmao

  • The math is correct but I get confused when I look at how you drew your isothermal expansion. never seen them quite like that before. I don't want to say you're wrong but something seems fishy with the graph..

    • Yeah I don't know it seemed off to me as well.. why I was asking.

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    • so smooth…so hairless

    • @rgb008 ya know what? Your creepy situation sounds very similar to one of mine lol

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  • Thnx for head cancer fgit wtf is this

  • I think it's best you ask your engineering peers at college dude, I doubt anyone here is going to give you advice.

    • Usually I always get help.. a lot of STEM guys/gals on here

    • Yeah, well I doubt anyone is going to go out there way to help you.

      I can only understand half the stuff you put down. Is this diagram part of the question or is it your answer?

  • This guy might be able to help.

  • Bro it seems correct but I don't remember that shit anymore.