How do I stop hating pregnant women?

Long story short, I am infertile. Been trying to get pregnant for 5 years. I used to feel a twinge of jealousy whenever I saw a pregnant woman, but now I HATE them. I absolute despise them. My 20 year old neighbor just told me (smugly) that she and some dude she barely knows had sex and got pregnant on the first try and I wanted to pick up a baseball bat and smash her face in. How do I control my anger? Can somebody help me? I don't want to feel this way.


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  • I've read about this, if you've been trying to get pregnant I'm assuming you have a steady partner? What has he done to assure you and comfort you? I know one of my friends wife was trying to get him to leave her because she couldn't have kids but he refused to. Maybe you just need more emotional support?

    • He's wonderful. I love him very much. I would go completely insane without him.

    • I work in a very male dominated field where I work with many different people. My last managers been with his wife for 15 years and she can't have kids. The other one been with his wife for almost 20. His wife's boss persude her for 3 years and she had an affair with him he was old like almost 60 but he would always buy her gifts and compliment her. Since he was her boss he knew about her doing IVF treatments and used that to "get close". Her husband found out and kicked her out. Her old elderly dad had to go and beg him to take her back. He let he move back in but said he was filing for divorced and had to wrestle a knife out of her hand a couple times... they're still together but he says it isn't the same :(.
      On to a brighter tone they do have uterus transplants now. Also read about an infertile woman who had an abdomen injury and while it healed it sort of put her uterus into baby making mode. She had a miracle baby

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  • Adopt a child? There are many kids out there that needs a good home and a loving mother.

    • We're trying. We finally had an adoptive mother all lined up about 6 months ago... Then she decided she wanted to keep the baby on the day it was born. It was so hard for me to accept--she's on drugs and living at her friend's house half the time. No job, no stable place to live. I saw the ultrasound pictures, started to dare to think of it as my baby. Now all that is gone, and I'm in such a dark place.

    • That's incredibly unfortunate, poor child has to go grow up in such environment 😞
      How about surrogacy? I heard it should work for infertile couples. Or try adoption one last time? Or even a baby who's already born?

    • You got fucked over really badly but that doesn't mean you can't try again. I know it might be scary to let yourself become attached to the unborn child again in fear of what might repeat itself but nothing ventured nothing gained. Maybe try to find a more dependable surrogate lady for the job.

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  • Well envy is generally not a good thing.
    Have you tried reproductive medicine? My cousin is also infertile but she's got a really cute baby-boy now.

  • These are irrational feelings. You can't hate somebody because of this

    • I know I shouldn't. I know it's wrong. But I do. Infertility is absolutely maddening.

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    • Yeah. But I've wanted to be a Mom since I was a little girl. Life without kids just seems so meaningless to me.

    • Think of the positive side. Without kids, you can out ALL of your time and effort into making yourself who you want to be! Wanna travel the world, you won't be tied down. Wanna go to school and get a degree, you can. Sorry, I'm just trying to make you happier😞

  • See how miserable your neighbor is raising that unintended child and remember that you could always adopt a child whom will tryult appreciate your actions one day.


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  • Maybe you should try therapy?