Any KIK users out there? I'm new to it and need some help. Please?

So I was chatting with someone then all of a sudden when I checked to see if they messaged me back they were under " new people" and their profile pic was blurry. I clicked on the chat and option " chat" and sent a message which they replied to but it went back under "new people" I sent a second message but that time it stayed on S. I logged off then deleted the app thinking it was a glitch but of course I lost my messages and when I searched for the username it didn't come up. How did I go from chatting to them to having them under new people and unable to search?


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  • Did they change their username or something similar?

    • No, you can only change your display name not the username.

    • Hmmm! I don't know! Unless it was another KIK update caused a glitch.

    • That's what I thought at first too but I don't think so. Thanks anyway!

  • sure me ;) (romain_du78) add me


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