Are fire sprinkler systems connected in apartment buildings?

Hi, earlier today someone set off a sprinkler in the apartment building and we all had to evacuate.

Just now, 6 hours later, I could a knock on the door from this guy asking if I would like him to inspect my sprinklers or would I prefer to let him know WHEN they go off.. not if, WHEN. I have a headache and was caught off guard so I said I'd let him know.

Was it just a poor choice of words and he was merely taking precautions, or is there a possibility that they really will go off and ruin everything?


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  • They try to avoid that because if one sprinkler system goes off and drenches everyone's shit it will not go down well.

    What probably happened is the sprinkler went off accidentally or didn't function properly. That's why he was asking to inspect.

    • Do you think I should have let him?

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    • The weird thing is I didn't hear him knocking on anyone else's door? Just mine?

    • Okay that's a bit creepy. Does he ACTUALLY work for the apartment?

  • I was a FF. Normally in residential apartments they are wet systems. One or more can go on in or near a fire to extinguish the fire. Only the ones that are near the fire & the element that melts will go on. The others shouldn't. There's 50 gallons of filth dirty water a minute that's been sitting in a pipe which is OK if there's a fire. You don't just test them.
    With that said like anything they do malfunction. Maybe that's what he was looking for? You should have this tool or at least the maintance crew should.


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