What do you guys think of a presidential Mortal Kombat game?

100% random guys but what do you guys think of the video game that has all of the former presidents of the United States and I was bonus characters have the current presidential candidates like Hillary Clinton Ted Cruz even though he's out of the rays Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. Set up the game like Mortal Kombat and you could choose your President and fight other President and fight other former presidents

likw you could have Calvin Coolidge vs ulysses S Grant

or have Abraham Lincoln fight John Adams

what at do you guys think it fun you get could get to learn who the president are and have fun ripping Obama's head off by the bull moose TR

I don't know I think it would be fun


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  • Awesome. I could think of a really great story mode based on actual US history, from Washington to Obama.


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  • honestly sounds awesome lmao


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