What is he trying to say?

There is this guy that I work with. I have been working on my job for about a month and I am already the popular nice girl that everyone wants to hang out with. He is in my center with me and I never knew until he came up to me one day and started talking to me out of nowhere. We started talking and having nice conversations about work. Next day the same thing it seems like everyday he is the first one that comes up to me and has something nice to say even if it is just hi or saying my nice. I noticed that when he approaches me it is like a dog approaching an owner. He gets really excited and anxious and talks really fast when he says something. I just stand there and say something nice back. At first I did not pay him any attention because I thought that he was weird or there was something wrong with him but now I realize or I think that he has a crush on me. Out of all of the people that he comes in contact with I am the only one that he actually makes an effort with he will wait until I get off work to come up to me and start a conversation with me. Half of the time I do not know that he is talking to me because he is always so nervous and he starts talking to the wall. I think that it is cute what he is doing if he likes me, but I am not sure that he like me. Advice?


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  • well sounds like he likes you.


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  • He definitely has this "Crush on me," here, dear.
    However, The part about 'He starts talking to the wall' has me a bit concerned in perhaps this Mirror has two Faces and you May have Met one right now.
    Keep it on the job for the time being until you perhaps feel it might be an okay deal to hang out after the doors close at five.
    Even then, of course, You probably would learn More in Store about the Fella who is a Fellow coworker.
    Good luck. xx

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