In Life, do you think the term 'Deserve' and all its connotations is an ideal, rather than a reality?


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  • I have a hunch that it's for the mostpart, a matter of people just having ideals, but can't really explain it.
    It grinds my gears to no end when someone tell me that I 'deserve better' than my boyfriend. I'm just like... what? Perhaps in certain contexts, he's a bit of a douche.

    But by holding onto that logic, you could apply it just the same that certain races/religions/genders, etc., of people are entitled to being with someone 'better' than others, solely because of who they were born as. Which would also require a universal outline of what makes someone more or less desirable, which doesn't exist and is a very subjective type of thing.

    • Yes, it has many connotations, like young kids getting cancer whereas people who have screwed people over all their life always having fortune.

      As for you, you truly deserve the best for you are such a genuinely lovely person that would make the lives of all you come in contact with. Know this, and never sell yourself short

    • awe, thanks for the support. :)

    • anytime you need support, you know where to find me

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  • Yes. Thinking that what you do and work on makes it so that you "deserve" and outcome is totally an idealistic and UNREALISTIC concept. Shit happens in life, both to good and to bad people. And sometimes as much as it sucks no matter how hard you work, you won't get what you're working towards. But there's a fine line for me on this idea, because I think that working hard is still important, but all it will do is improve your chances of getting what you think you "deserve" but it doesn't always lead to it. Which is why I would say that the idea of deserving something is and ideal rather than a reality because it doesn't always fall the way you try to make it.

    • you always need to work hard and be open to anything.

      The more I live, the more i learn that listening and really hearing all others is the path to getting better in life

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  • Of course, and it isn't even an ideal about which there is much agreement.

    • in many minds it is for you are forever hearing 'you will get what you 'deserve' one day'

    • Not really, when you get down to specifics there is more disagreement than consensus.