What to do when a guy is terrible at communicating?

So there's this guy that rarely ever comes to school because he doesn't has to. He already has enough credits to graduate so he barely ever shows up. He's in one of my classes so when he does show up he talks to me and we've sorta become friends. So he asked me to go with him to a military ball and I agreed and he told me he'd call me and send me all the details. Then he asked me if I wanted to meet up to hang out. So the place where we were going to meet is really close to my house so I was going to meet up with him when he got there. He never texted me or called me to say if he had gotten there or not and after I waited a while my mom said I couldn't go. So now I have no clue when or where the military ball is, I wasted my time waiting for him, he didn't show up to school, he rarely ever answers my texts, and when I called him I told him to hold on for a second and he hung up and when I tried to call him back he didn't answer. I'm trying not to look crazy cause I called him 3 times today. I honestly just feel like flaking.


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  • Just ignore him till he puts more effort in, if ever. It has to be balanced and you can't force him to pull his weight if he doesn't care enough, for whatever reason. You could send the odd text every few months to see if anything comes of it.

    • It's not just that though. The ball is coming up really soon and I was really looking forward to it and I already bought a dress and shoes. That's money wasted.

    • Ah, got you. Well ideally make clear to him (calmly) how inconvenient this is for you, and get him to see that he's being a bad friend. But if you've tried calling him 3 times today, and if he's ignoring your texts etc, then you can't do a lot more. I'd drop him as a friend as he's let you down emotionally, wasted your time and your money, and friends don't do that.

      But most importantly, I'd find an even better party/event to go to and make the most of your new dress and shoes! You deserve it :)

    • True. Thanks for the advice!

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