Wanna do a psychological test?

I saw this on TV yesterday.

Imagine you're walking along a path through a field. Then the path splits in two.
One leads to a little grove, and the other leads to a forest. Now, which path would you take?

One: go to the grove.
Two: go to the forest.
Three: turn back because you're scared.

Wanna do a psychological test?


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  • All the girls seem to be choosing the Forrest so I'll put my raping shoes on and go hide in there

    • If you chose two, it means you're totally celibate!

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    • Oh you mean #2 as in the number I chose which corresponded to the Forrest. Never mind.
      But I'm not celibate so I don't know how confirmational this test is.

    • I was just curious if it'd be accurate. I think it was just for fun lol

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