Did you see this side of egypt b4 , am I the ONLY egyptian here?

is there any other egyptian using gag or its just me !!
i never met egyptian gager b4
it feels like im the only one who knows about this site
so if you know any egyptian on this site let me know


did you see this side of egypt b4 , am i the ONLY egyptian here ?

how would you feel if u were the only one from your country who uses this site
or any site.


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  • the pictures are beautiful but I want to see the pyramids in person.
    there are other Egyptians on this site but I cannot reveal them its up to them to come forward


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  • Nah I've seen more Egyptians here dw :)


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  • There are a few people here who are Egyptian ethnicity wise, but few who actually were born and live in Egypt and call me weird but Egypt looked better 6,000 years ago lol (first picture) it has an allure that the other ones just don't have.

    • you think that pic was taken 6000 years ago :D
      come on all the pic is for egypt nw.
      u just dont see it this way anymore in the media

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    • even better irl

    • I would imagine so.

  • cdn.stepfeed.com/.../Spiderman_Shisha.jpg
    Egyptian people are awesome! And Egypt is a pretty cool country.
    I'm more used to everyday Egypt.

    But I hate masri Arabic, in my opinion Syrians and Palestinians speak the best!
    Fish that is.