Girls, Is this surname appropriate for a character?

I'm writing a story about a 13 year old boy called Peter. He's handsome and dresses smart. I'm stuck for a surname for him. I thought about 'Bumby' but wonder whether 'Peter Bumby' sounds right.


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  • I would need to know more about him as a character and about the story/his progression as a character. Trust your instincts though: if you think it sounds weird, it probably does. Unless, of course, that's what you want the reader's impression to be.

    • He is big, tall and very mature for his age. He is dressed in a shirt and tie and smart grey trousers. In the first scene he encounters a girl he knows called Rachel. She greets him and complements him on his appearance. Instead of calling him by his first name she uses his formal title which is why his surname is important. 'Mr. Bumby' seems to suit him somehow.

    • That tells me absolutely nothing about his personality though.

      I think you need to spend a little more time developing the character. You should know your characters better than you know your best friend before you ever start writing anything.