Sometimes I want to be a girl, but can't because I want to be straight. How odd is this?

I can communicate with girls much more easily than with guys.
So very many things women think all men do that they dislike are not true for me.
I don't think I like anything very "manly".

Things like these often get people assuming I'm a girl on websites that didn't show my gender. This has been the case for so long that I wanted a sex change for a time a fair while back.
And you know what?
I still almost do sometimes.

Being a girl looks fun in so many ways. Especially in mastubation and lesbian sex, which is what I would be doing as I am still 100% for girls.

As fun as it looks though, I could never truly be a girl. I'll always just be a simple and understanding man.
Plus my religion will always be most important to me, and Christianity is not in favor of same-sex relationships.

So I'm a Christian guy who often wants to but can't be a lesbian... How weird is that?


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  • All this hippie shit that you are seeing on the media of neutral and assigned genders bullshit gets to peoples heads lol. It would especially make someone who is mentally unstable question their sexuality in such a absurd way. This whole movement is disgusting and fucking weird. I don't stand for it all.

    • Well then, apparently I'm a bit mentally unstable. 😕

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    • You could at least be nice about what you're saying...

    • That wouldn't convey my point thoroughly enough. You need to realize how ridiculous this sounds.

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  • "So very many things women think all men do that they dislike are not true for me." Yeah, women accuse men of a variety of things which are not true. We all get that!

  • It's not odd. You're a male to female transgender that's attracted to girls. So you're a trans lesbian. There is nothing wrong with it. Society accepts lesbians more than gay men.

    • I think a trans lesbian is a lesbian all the same, meaning God would look down on either. What God sees as good or bad is infinitely more important to me than what society sees, so if He doesn't approve same-sex, then I have to stay male if I want to obey Him.

    • @asker: If it makes you feel any better: the bible doesn't say anything against homosexual relationships. It only speaks out against gay sex. There's no single passage in the bible where it says that gay or lesbian people shouldn't be able to get married or shouldn't be allowed to live together or shouldn't be in love with each other. None! It only talks about sex. And there's a reason for this: sexual orientation is a very modern concept. It was only towards the end of the 19th century that scholars and psychiatrists like Sigmund Freud first began to discuss the idea of people having sexual orientation. In antiquity, this concept did not exist. Back then, whether you had straight sex or gay sex or both, you were just another person. The emotional aspect of homosexuality wasn't looked down at, only (in some cultures like the middle east) the sexual aspect.
      Also, as a side note: I wouldn't let myself be guided too much by a book that thinks racism and inbreeding are completely normal.

  • @fearless_banana tke?

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