I'm a moron. Cheer me up?

Another guy showed interest in me then left me for someone else. I already plan on moving on but I still can't help feeling sad and moronic that this happened again.
Anyone have stupid jokes or any random facts to cheer me up?


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  • Did I tell you that my daughter was dating a boy who has a wooden leg?

    • No but I would love to hear about their story

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    • Glad I gave you a chuckle. Remember that she sun always shines after the storm passes. I know that it is a worn our cliche, but it is true.

    • Haha I hope the sun shines soon then

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  • I don't have any jokes but you shouldn't feel like a moron for something like this, you're not.

    • Thanks for the wisdom :D
      And yeah I can't help it though. Things haven't been too well lately and I'm just really tired of being everyone's second choice.

    • Yeah I know the feeling. You'll be someone's first choice when the time is right.

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  • I DOUBT that you are a 'Moron', because I work with dozens!!
    Why not just watch some 'naughty movies' and get off, rather than asking for stupid jokes?

    Ok, here's one:
    A Giraffe, a Skunk and a Buck walk into a bar. They get a few drinks, and then it is last call, and they get the check.
    The Buck says: "Sorry guys, I have no doe"
    The skunk says: "Sorry, I haven't a scent"
    The Giraffe says: "Don't worry, guys, the High-balls, are on me!!"

    Ok, a couple went golfing, and the wife gets hit with a stray golf ball. The husband takes her to the Emergency Room, and the doctor asks what happened.
    "I got hit with a Golf Ball!" she says.
    "Where?" the doctor asks.
    "Between the first and second holes," she responds.
    "That hardly leaves room for a bandage!" the doctor says!!

    Porn movies looking a little better now? :) :)

    • LOL thanks for the jokes and the suggestion
      But I'm not really into those types of movies haha

    • No offense intended. My last girlfriend liked some that were 'female friendly' but she never shared them with me. :( She did seem to enjoy her time, and 'relaxation' though.
      What do you do to relax, or unwind?

    • I guess mostly I just listen to a lot of music and think as I listen. Oh or I take a long shower cause that's usually where I cry LOL

  • I ususlly hate this kind of stuff. -.-;; But here.


    • Haha thanks for finding the link for something you don't like for me c:
      Appreciate it!

    • You're welcome.

  • I would cheer you up but unfortunately, I'm a moron myself :(


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  • This isn't a typical joke, but it made me laugh.

    Once upon a time, a user on G@G asked why he looked like a potato in selfies.

    The question was closed, but in my head I replied;

    "Oh don't say that, I'm sure you're a real SPUD-MUFFIN..."


    • LOL I have the same type of jokes! And the Spongebob face is mine when I tell people my dumb jokes

  • Random fact of the day:
    "Moron" was once a psychological term, used to denote people who scored from 51 to 70 on an IQ test.

    The lower two levels were "imbecile" (26-50) and "idiot" (≤ 25).

    • That's cool! I didn't know there were specific names for different IQ levels. Thanks! And I def feel a lot better today. I kinda cried my eyes out last night and fell asleep haha c:

  • Once upon a time there was girl who was very hungry but would rather spend time on the Internet then go and get food.