Would you be really amused if a girl mentioned her birthday as an interesting thing about her?

We had to do this speech thing in class and I said the fun fact about me was that I was born at the end of the year, (December 31st).

Now I am thinking everyone was amused because while I genuinely believe I am the most special person ever to have been born at the end, I don't really think anyone else thinks it is that big of a deal.

ha ha


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  • It honestly depends on the day. Like I think yours is cool, my friend was born that day too which is interesting, but mine Oct 17th lame compared to Oct 31st and December 10th isn't as cool as December 25th/31st and my last example is January 2nd isn't as cool as January 1st.

    Yours no, but I honestly believe being born on certain dates is interesting. I wouldn't say mine for an interesting fact, but I would say I'm a Libra

    • Thank you that's sweet.

      For some reason people think I'm snooty, I'm really not. But when I do stuff like this it sorta solidifies that belief that people assume I think I'm very special lol.

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    • No lol I meant people in general, like people who are my peers and stuff. I'm good-looking, well spoken and a good student. So it sometimes does look like I"m full of myself but really I'm just a little goofy

    • There's nothing wrong with being confident

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  • Bc its not amusing. I guess you just have to get over yourself, sweetheart bc you seem annoying af with that sh*t. I see it as you're like the last one to the party and when you get there the party is over and everyone's leaves.

    • Um I don't actually BELIEVE I am the most special person ever I just think it's something that's relatively cool. About myself.

      What shit.. I don't get it, if anything I find the game of telling something interesting about yourself to be annoying.

      And I don't get your last one to the party analogy. How is me saying something like that indicative of carelessness, now really?

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