I didn't know you had to pay to sell or buy on eBay and now I keep getting emails harrasing me about it?

Honestly I never know you had to pay to sell or even have an account on eBay. I always thought eBay was a little sketchy by my mom and friends had told me they bought things off there so I decided to try to sell something things I had. They didn't sell so I just forgot about it. But now eBay emails me like at least once every two weeks asking for $3.05 saying if I don't pay by account will be suspended and I will be referred to a collection agency or federal action? I can't pay it right now but if I decide not to pay it at all could I go to jail?


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  • They'll write it off lol

    • What does that mean?

    • You would have to ask consultant is back to explain it to you. I'm busy.

  • Yeah of course there's a fee. It pays to read the fine print. I'm sure you've got that in loose change. Just pay it and be done

    • Will they up the price if I don't pay it soon? I honestly don't have it right now, at least not on a card

    • I'm not sure. Maybe you could borrow a couple of dollars off someone

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