Ever panned for gold the lazy way?

I just did a first pass through about 5 lbs of Virginia paydirt off ebay. Pretty cool to see some actual gold. Some vendors add gold so you don't give them bad feedback but this guy never mentioned it so I guess it's "natural" wild gold lol.

I also went through about 50 lbs of worthless quartz rock from Nevada and BC and NS and found jack squat.


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  • Not yet, but I might try :)

    • It's pretty fun. I have no idea how much gold I got out of that 5 lbs but if I break even, I'm happy.

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    • Ya it doesn't take that long to go through 5 lbs of dirt. Maybe 30 minutes with a 14" pan and you'll get all of the non-dust out of there.

    • Yeah, you are right.

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