Help with this IQ Test?

Help with this IQ Test?

I really find it confusing why the answer is letter "C". Can someone help me to understand it? đŸ™„

The only number in an IQ book I find confusing 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


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  • In each row, the third cell "keeps" only those elements that are in BOTH of the first two cells.

    That's it.

    Lol at the people who wrote huge paragraphs to try to explain this #keepitsimpleyo

    • Your solution is correct as well, I thought it through, but it's a totally different approach - this might reveal something about how different ways of thinking can be.

      I am often told that I think too much and to complicatedly, although I tend to believe that I don't think at all - I had lots of issues back in high school because of this.

    • @DanHart There's a lesson to be had, here, about calling things "easy" or "obvious".

      Basically... just don't. There's no win, EVER, from using those words.

      Best-case scenario, people agree with you that something is easy/obvious... but you still gain nothing, really, and look like a douche.

      Worst-case scenario, you just look like a fool.
      Like this time.

    • I think the larger lesson is tests of this type really ultimately test how much you think like the person who made up the questions. I don't have time to work on it but it would be interesting to see if you could come up with valid reasoning (albeit much more involved) which indicates a different answer. In that case you would be 'wrong' because you over-thought the problem but does that mean you are less intelligent?

      I accept tests are needed in school because they do predict how well you will perform academically pretty well but the only real test of intelligence is how well you can get what you want from life.

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  • It's fairly easy and obvious to me to be honest:

    The upper 3 square contain the following number of dots: 2 ;2 ; 1

    The 2nd : 2 ; 3 ; 2

    The 3rd : 3 ; 2 ; - Solution : There must be 2 circles in the empty field and these must be small because there is only 1 large circle in the other fields where there are already small circles only in the other squares in the same row.

    In the 3rd row it goes like : 3 cirlces, 1 large circle ; 2 small circles -> at least 2 cirlces - but since there is only 1 large circle in the 1st row, this must also be the case in the 3rd row

    -> The only option with 2 circles that are also small is thus C

    - I found it difficult to put the solution in words however, while I quickly saw that C is the only logical answer


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  • u see how the first and second column in each row has two different patterns? the last column is the one thing that shows up in both the first and second column per each row.

  • Why are you asking for help for an IQ test….. lmao


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  • What sort of test is it? Like, the theme?

    Reason 1. 6-10-8.
    Reason 2. 10-8-6
    Reason 3. 1>
    Reason 4. C is required to complete the mid symbol.

    I need much more information to give you a more detailed answer. What are your numbers? And why do you want to know "why" it is the answer? ^.^

    • Just an IQ book. This is the only number I find confusing

  • this is sad you having us help with an IQ test.

  • The large O is value -2 and the small o is value 1, add the rows.

    • I mean add the first two to get the third.