Is anyone else getting tired of the trans topic?

Its all you ever here is talk about a trans and a bathroom its getting very annoying.

Im at the point where i dont care anymore..
Stores should just have a sign on the bathroom doors saying if they allow trans to use the women's restroom or not.

Problem solved ok if you are offended by the post on the wall piss outside or something jesus its not that big of a deal

Its all you hear about trans this
Trans that
My goodness just update the store policy and shut... Up..


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  • It should be a non issue. Just make every public bathroom a bathroom for anyone to use. Stop segregating by gender. Stop segregating anything by gender. Destroy the concept of gender B)

    • Bathrooms should be bathrooms lik le personal ones so people can shutup about it

    • Can female to male use bathrooms like the woman's to feel safer? It's up to you.

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  • I'm very bored of it.


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  • No I'm not having a man wearing a dress you in the ladies bathroom while my children are in there. Thats what the hub bun is. Obviously you don't have kids.

    • Yea a sick perv could use that excuse to pray upon ANYONE! wTF is wrong with y'all?

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    • @NormanBloxam if you're born with a dick go to the men's room and vice versa

    • What if the female to male born female, liked girls and was in the woman's room. like Had a beard, very muscle like and was checking out the ladies? Do you still think the Ftm belong in the woman's? What about mtf in the men's, what if the men herass them? No ones safe?

  • I dont understand why its such a big deal either. I mean theyve been using their preferred bathrooms for years without any of us knowing or caring so why now is it such a big freaking deal...


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  • Well I'm sorry that a minority is facing discrimination, but maybe you're the one who is too sensitive. The same thing was going on after segregation ended. All people were talking about were black rights.
    This is what happens when a "new" group is trying to fight for their own equality. Whatever the next group happens to be you're gonna have to hear about that all day.

    To be perfectly honest, I'm sick of hearing about 9/11 and terrorists (it was 15 years ago). But that's something important that I have to get used to.

    • It would be different if they were mistreated over every single thing but all of this over a bathroom?

      Its nothing lile black rights
      .. They dont have to be witj other trans every second of their life its literally over a 2 minute bathroom break

    • No it's not. They are being discriminated against almost every single thing. The bathroom thing is actually brought about by the anti-gay crowd in protest of the recent supreme court ruling about gay marriage being legal. All over the country different anti-gay groups are trying to enact certain "laws" that are merely an attempt to discriminate against the LGBT community.

      If you want to blame somebody, then blame the anti-gay people. There use to be no laws governing who can use which bathroom, but anti-gay people are the ones who started and wanted to make laws. They're the ones at fault for all this.

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