How do I get rid of this anger of being bested?

First, look at this question I asked two and a half weeks ago.

The thing I didn't mention is that one of them is my ex who I still really like and the other I have a crush on.

I said that I was jealous of the guy's ability to pick up girls in general. Well, I really meant his ability to pick THEM up. Even though they were my friends, I couldn't help but feel bested, almost like he took them from me. I know I shouldn't feel like that because none of us were together at the time, but even now I'm so angry.

At this point, electronics and human contact help me keep it down and distract me from it. When I'm deprived of those things, the anger immediately comes back. As much as distractions help, I'm sick of being in constant frustration at having two girls I like being whisked away. I feel humiliated, I feel unmanned, worthless, shown up etc etc.


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  • Who ever angers you controls you.

    Are you a bitch?

    Are you going to let yourself be controlled?


    ( unless the answer is yes, if so turn to page 83 )


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