Should I stay with a undercut/combover or buzz cut?

I currently have a combover / undercut and thinking about a new hair cut. I feel as if buzz cuts go with more styles to dress as. Opinions?


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What Girls Said 1

  • A combover? And you're young? Like an old man combover?

    • Ah yea I should be ashamed of myself, I did hair for years before my toddler was born. Yea I do like the style, I don't see it much where I live but yea it's cool. Some chicks are rocking it but I live in a tiny southern town so it's a tad too modern for these folks round here! Lol

    • A similar cut I meant for ladies

What Guys Said 1

  • Buzz cut. Zero maintenance, Do-It-Yourself haircuts... What could be better?

    • I don't know I think i look better with a combover/undercut but i love how buzzcut matches every style and is 0 maintenence... Asians have puffy hair too

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