Would you classify this as stalking?

I read a story about a group of 10 friends that supposedly are getting stalked by a girl at their school that's trying to talk with them.

Personally, I was once (though for a very short time, I eventually gained my own small group of friends) on that poor girl's position in my freshman year of HS. In the start of the year, I barely had any friends and was tired of only talking to my quiet friend that would be at the library waiting for me.

So practically one month, I would try to make conversation with these group of 4-5 girls that seemed popular and even followed them on the hallways... just to talk because all of them seemed nice in the beginning. I didn't get the hints until eventually the oldest in the group who was a sophomore at the time pulled me aside and said ''You're nice but should I tell you, you're suffocating me, us''. I never spoke to her or them ever since. From then on, I said ''screw it, whoever doesn't want to get to know me and talk to me must not care about me at all''. Seriously I wasn't trying to be a pain; I just wanted to fit in and gain friends at a quicker pace.

Needlessly to say, I was sad and upset after returning home from school that day. I kept wondering what on earth is wrong with me that I'm not worthy as a friend, why, why until my father comforted me.


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  • What you did wasn't stalking. What those girls did to you was very mean and very rude. You just was trying to make friend's in school. People should had been more friendly to you and treated you better. Freshman year was always a rough year to make friend's because people are so judgmental.

    • Thank you. Yeah, I agree that was mean. It's very awful to feel like an outcast.

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