Was anyone else here in the gifted program in school?

When I was in second grade, I was accepted into my school districts gifted program. We met once a week and most of the other kids were a few years older than me. I remember I had a lot of fun in that group. I wasn't able to continue on in the program because I switched to a private school, but I wish I was able to.


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  • No i was never in a gifted program :) but I have two cousins who are in a gifted program :)


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  • Yes. was in a gifted programme at 10. It allowed me to explore topics above my age because they allowed the students to interpret complex scientific theory, historical concepts and information with our own intuition, without worrying about whether they were reaching a particular level or not. It was challenging but the pressure was off. We evaluated ourselves.

    But honestly. It leaves no laurels to rest on. You need to keep persevering in life. Most of the best stuff that you achieve, the stuff that sets the basis for future accomplishments, will be at your age now, not when you were younger.


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  • Seemed good, at first, until the idiots and small minds ganged up and tried to beat on me when I was walking home!!
    'Crab in the Bucket Syndrome!!' It's like 'Stupidity Dominates!!'
    Still, I knocked out a tooth here, and bloodied a nose, there, and a could others, over the few years!