What does it mean when someone says, "You think she can't do it?

I don't know what that means.

Does it mean she's not smart, she's not hard-working she gets tense easily what does it mean?

It was in regards to a University program.


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  • In this case they're thinking you don't have what it takes to complete the program for any number of reasons. Either dedication, smarts, laziness

    • But I got in, so why should any of that matter?

      My sister was already in that school and he knew that, (this was my father and sister talking).

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    • I didn't end up going. Even if I couldn't do it, is that really the way to treat your kid who already has all these self-esteem issues with school

    • I never said it was right

  • Need more information...

    • I got into a prestigious school and my dad wanted me to go to the, at the time, second-tier school. My sister said, "you think she can't do it."

    • Ok I guess you have to answer that one can you do it?

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  • It means they don't think they can do it

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