What was she trying to say? Was this even legal?

The director of this business school I was temporarily a student at, had said to me, "Has the time now come for you to withdraw? This spot is not for you. Go home or withdraw something something."

She also literally said, it's Friday and I don't want to deal with this right now, and practically pushed me out of her office and shut the door.

When my father had come to meet with her, she became incredibly sweet as though she cared, which she didn't and said, "yeah you know this program. It's not for everyone," and just shrugged. Then she was trying to convince me to go back to my home University because it's small, and she considered it for her son etc.

I know she was full of bullshit. But what the fuck was she actually trying to imply by saying all that, that I wasn't smart enough for the program? When I told my mum she said she would've done a case on the school if it wasn't for the fact that she said it behind closed doors.


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  • I'm no lawyer, and I don't know if that could be deemed as illegal. She said something incredibly rude, but people like her are what help us thicken our skin. I would do everything I could to stay there after this, and prove her wrong. Unless you too feel like you don't belong there, then leave for you, not her.

    • This happened around 4 years ago. I ended up withdrawing from the program and that experience still affects me.

      She had no right to behave that way. I had worked so hard to get into the program (it was an upper-year entry program). I think she just wanted to get rid of me because I kept going to her with some problems that I had (I was young and didn't realize what these corporate people are like).

      I still try to work hard at school just so in my head I can say she was wrong. But it has the opposite effect, before I used to work for me, now I work almost as though I'm scared she may have been right and that causes a lot of pain.

      What do you think she meant by saying all that? That I wasn't smart enough?

      I'm not even sure that's a good reason to leave the program to begin with, University tests hard work, not intelligence.

    • People like her are not fit to teach in University. She has a son who has a learning disability ironically, and despite that experience which you would think would make her more sympathetic, she thinks she can say these kind of things to students.

      I'm sure she wouldn't like anyone saying something like that to her son, who the hell gave her the right to say this stuff to students like me?

    • I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but maybe you're feeling a little disappointed with yourself for quitting? I've been in a position similar, and to this day I wish I'd stood up for myself, and stuck around. Regardless, you have to let it go. It was an awful experience, but all you can do is grow from it, because letting one nasty opinion shape you like this doesn't do anything positive for you.

  • Are you doing terrible in your classes?