Many F1 fans on gag?

Just having a proud moment, having a local perth boy on pole position for the Monaco Gran Prix,
Massive fan of Kimi Riakkonen too... Many other formula one fans here?


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  • Ahhhhhhh shit almost forgot it's monaco weekend!!! I was an F1 fan until all the changes and mercedes became unstoppable. Now it's gotten so boring, plus I don't have the time to watch it anymore. The only races I've watched these past two years are the monaco ones (well going to watch it).

    • 100% agree, Mercedes dominance made it unwatchable for a couple years.. great to see the red bull with the upgraded engine though, and Ferrari has been bridging the gap for the last year too

    • No comment after the pit stop debacle...

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  • I'm not a "fan" but I do have respect for all forms of motorsports. My stepdad is in the business and he has told me how hi-tech Formula 1 is.

    We are watching the Indy 500 tomorrow and cooking out. 🏁🏆🍻💯


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